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Shawl hijab.

Material : Material : Korean Chiffon with Dragonfly Pavé Pendant and Flatback Hotfix Crystal


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The Dragonfly Pavé Pendant in this design has an elegant, filigree pave finish, sparkling and enticing majestically. Lady Lofa Luxe is a refined collection, the ultra-light and delicate features of the Dragonfly Pavé Pendant is a wonderful balance of sophistication and elegance.

Lady Lofa Luxe is definitely a hijab you’ll use for special occasions, the splash of crystals adorning the hijab paired with the exclusive Dragonfly Pavé Pendant conjures up a classy and chic persona, it’s a premium design that will compliment your most fanciest outfit. Soft and lush Korean Chiffon is used in this collection to keep you in comfort while looking fabulous. The shawl design allows you versatility in styling, you can wear it in many ways, customizing it according to the occasion or event you’re attending.


Boa, Eggshell Blue, Timber Wolf


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