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Shawl hijab.

Material : Korean Chiffon with Rondelle Beads.


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We are loving’ the tassel trend that’s been dominating the fashion scene lately. Just like decorations at a party, tassels can transform an outfit from drab to fab. This quirky and playful detailing makes a debut in Tania, a long shawl design with two embellished tassels attached to each end.

The tassels are strung through clear Beads, exposing the colour of the thread to produce a simple yet beautiful accent. The Rondelle beads used are classically round with diamond-shaped facets cut around the surface, which help to create depth and structure to this otherwise minimal design.

The tassels and the hijab are kept in the same colour to help streamline the look, producing a wonderfully chic hijab that will pair well with any outfit. The tassels are strategically placed so you can have tons of fun styling this shawl in new and innovative ways, making the Tania a versatile piece that transverses effortlessly from day to night.


Oil Blue, Boulder, Peach Melba, Blue Ashes, Rose Quartz, Gray Flannel


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