Premium Chiffon – Cakenis >>Click for more colours>>


Shawl hijab.

Broochless! Comes with hook fastening design.

Material: Premium Chiffon

Size: 190cm x 70cm




Add-ons total:


Best feature is “broochless” just-hook (set of 1 middle hook, 3 middle rings and a set of 1 end hook and 1 end ring on one of the shawl’s hemline) . Specially made for a semi-instant feature at the other side of the shawl . You can opt not to use this feature and it will function as a normal shawl.
Crafted from Premium Chiffon. Available in Shawl only!



Salmon Pink, Dusty Pink, Peaches & Cream, Sunshine, Boysenberry, Pistachio, Cendol


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