Be Lofa Instant – Burgundy


Semi-Instant Shawl attached with Turban.

Material Turban: Cotton Lycra

Material Shawl: Heavy Chiffon


Be Lofa Instant has been such a popular choice due to its practicality and beauty that we have decided to release another option of this much-favoured design.

Be Lofa Instant – Heavy Chiffon uses a weighted and more opaque material for extra durability and comfort. Cotton Lycra form the turban, stretchy enough to cover any head size and attached to a tie-back ribbon that can be tighten or loosen according to your preference. Heavy Chiffon provides a different take on styling, its textured surface means that it is sturdier and can handle a lot more folds and wraps compared to the more delicate Korean Chiffon.

Be Lofa Instant – Heavy Chiffon works well as a daily go-to hijab for work or even play, making it an ideal choice for working mothers and busy career women. If you’re looking for a deserving piece to add to your wardrobe, make some space and purchase this convenient and fashionable alternative, it will surely help to make those hectic days run a little bit smoother.


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